Real Estate

Improve cash flow, diversification, and portfolio performance with real estate investments.

Area Expertise

We gain a competitive advantage by specializing in our investment locations.

In-depth Analysis

Our decision-making process is highly data-driven, with a special focus on limiting downside risk.

Principle-based Management

Our management process has evolved into a structured and specific system based on sound principles.

Real Estate Opportunities Fund

A fund designed to deliver income in high cap rate locations.

Property Investments

Real estate investments are an important vehicle for diversification. Noblestone Capital purchases buy-and-hold real estate with a focus on single-family and small multi-family properties.

  • We seek income-producing, turnkey properties that require little to no rehab
  • Detailed and systematic approach targets market inefficiencies
  • Extensive network allows us to be particular in securing on- and off-market opportunities yielding higher than average projected returns

High-Yield Asset-Backed Investments

The right investment can provide solid expected returns with the backing of a hard asset.

  • Possession of a property is taken immediately, giving the “borrower” the right to repurchase
  • Additional safeguards, in conjunction with typically high returns, makes this an attractive investment option
  • Screening of counterparties, plus a high due-diligence threshold prior to providing any financing