Investment Philosophy

A guiding light for a complex landscape.

What We Believe

Noblestone has a specific approach and standard that drives what we do and how we do it. This philosophy is the foundation upon which all our investment success is built.

Investment Philosophy

Rigorous Analysis

We look at relevant data and consider outcomes through stress testing and scenario analysis. This requires careful consideration and a strong attention to detail. Debate is encouraged among the investment team prior to final execution of important decisions.

Downside Risk Consideration/Risk-Adjusted Returns

We seek to limit risk while aiming for the highest returns possible. We don’t just focus on returns, but seek to maximize returns per unit of risk.


We value your money, so we only invest in areas that we deeply understand through experience and study.

Data- and Research-Driven

Our investment decisions are based on high quality information sources, and are highly data-driven and quantitative in nature, minimizing personal and cognitive biases.


Short-term fluctuations happen, but we realize these are sometimes necessary to achieve successful long-term outcomes.

Liquidity Premium

Our long-term focus allows us to seek higher risk-adjusted returns by harvesting the liquidity premium that often exists in less liquid assets.

Strategic and Tactical

While staying true to our long-term strategic focus, we look to tactically adjust positions in line with shorter-term expectations to improve our risk/return dynamic.


By taking a non-speculative approach, we can achieve the best outcomes with assets that have solid fundamentals and relatively predictable outcomes.

Exploit Inefficiencies

We look for opportunities created by behavioral biases in the market: from overlooked areas or securities to emotionally-driven price overreactions. Locating these inefficiencies is part of our overall investment process.